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Thais Fernandes has a degree in journalism. Works with cinema (Editing and Directing), Theater (directing and video designer) and research the hybrid narrative (cinema, theatre and internet).


From 2007 to 2009 was Finishing Coordinator at Núcleo de Especiais, RBSTV. In 2009 was assistant editor at Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre. Still in 2009 was curator and producer of the film exhibition "Santiago Álvarez – The Eye of the Revolution", that brought to Porto Alegre/Brazil the work from the Cuban filmmaker. In 2011 won one of the 4 scholarships awarded by IBERMEDIA to participate at the IV Diplomado en Documental de Creación in Cali, Colombia. 


Was selected to the 8º Talent Campus Buenos Aires (2013) and to Berlinale Talents (2014), both events created for young filmmakers designed by BERLINALE. In 2014 launched the transmedia project “The Invented Village”, and founded Cena Expandida, an artistic gathering that aims to investigate the juxtaposing between the arts. The group already signs an adult play (“What’s in your mind?”) and a short movie (“The Last Picture”).  



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Director, graduated in Theatre from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, also works as playwritght, assistant director, producer and theatre instructor. 


Among the plays directed by her are "Delirium" (2009) - Açorianos Awards 2009 for supporting actress -; "About Pumps and Heels" (2010) - Açorianos Awards 2010 for light design -; "Mr. Kolpert" (2012) - Açorianos Awards 2012 for light design- play with which she won the Instituto Goethe's competition for new theatre directors, in Porto Alegre, RS, and "What's in your mind?" (2014). As assistant director, participated in the shows "Your Wishes in Fragments" (2006), from Stravaganza Company and "Wonderland and what M. Jackson found there," (2010) from the Teatro Sarcáustico group.


Since 2013, has been conducting theatre workshops in inner cities of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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Thais Fernandes